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Fulton is located in the heart of Historic North Knoxville. It is a comprehensive high school which offers a wide variety of academic and vocational classes. Fulton's academic and athletic facilities are second to none. Our school is lucky to have a committed, experienced, and talented staff that strives to meet the individual needs of a diverse inner city student body. Fulton High School is home to one of only four high school radio stations in Tennessee, and is one of only a small number of high school radio broadcast stations in the country.

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High School Radio Day

April 20, 2016 is High School Radio Day! WKCS will be participating in this years annual High School Radio Day festivities on April 20. High School radio stations offer programming you may not hear on commerical radio stations. Because our station is unique we have joined other high school radio stations in the nation to celebrate High Schol Radio Day. On this day, we hope to bring awareness to the programs offered by High School Radio Stations. Tune in and support your local High School radio stations on April 20, for more information, Go to

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